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Instacash games are quick and easy-draw games that can be played at any time. There are a variety of Instacash games offered at various price points and play styles to appeal to all players. With InstaCash, there are no numbers to pick, no scratching, and no waiting for winning numbers. You can win prizes any time and cash instantly with our Instacash games that will be available to you.


Instacash games are offered at various prices and play styles and prizes.




Where can I purchase InstaCash?

Instacash games can be purchased from any authorized Lotto Aruba retailer or at the Main Offices in Oranjestad or San Nicolas.


Claim Prizes?

Winning Instacash tickets must be cashed within 90 days of the ticket purchase date, which appears on the front of the ticket. The top price of the game needs to be redeemed at the Lottery main office.


Available Games

You can choose from the following games:


New Games:



Other Games:

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